SPRING SNOW GOOSE SEASON SPECIAL! The migration is in full swing and we still have openings available. ONLY $250/gun/day – this is for hunting in a nice pit over a HUGE spread of decoys. Call Jim now before they’re gone! Phone: (308) 239-2354 Cell: (308) 289-6607

Nebraska Snow Goose Guide

At Central Nebraska Outfitters we hunt geese in corn fields that border the Platte Rivers as well as right on the water. Experience Nebraska snow goose hunting at it’s finest!

  • No Limit
  • No Plugs, extender tubes are legal.
  • We are located at the main choke point in the Central Flyway, the Platte Rivers valleys where so many birds come through on their annual return migration north.
  • The geese are Snow, Ross’s and Blues.
  • We’re running 30′ man pits and 20′ man pits that are below ground and heated. We also hunt out of layout blinds in feed fields. Both styles give you that quality, “up close and personal” experience. The 30′ snow goose hunting pit is new this year and we’re excited about it – great for corporate retreats!
  • We use the best decoys in the industry. Full body and Deadly decoys.
  • We use electronic calls with the best snow goose sounds available.
  • Steel shot is required, and we recommend #2 or bigger size shot.

Check out our latest snow goose hunting photos:

Photos from prior years: