At Central Nebraska Outfitters we hunt geese in corn fields that border the Platte Rivers. This is some of the finest Nebraska goose hunting in the state.

  • We are located at the main choke point in the Central Flyway, the Platte Rivers valleys where so many birds come from their Northern breeding grounds on their annual migration south.
  • The geese are primarily greater Canada geese.
  • Our 14′, 20′, and new 30′ pits are below ground and heated. We also hunt out of layout blinds. Both styles give you that quality, “up close and personal” experience. ¬†These 30′ pit can easily accommodate up to 10 people comfortably. ¬†Great for corporate retreats!
  • We use the best decoys in the industry.
  • Steel shot is required, and we recommend #2 or bigger size shot.


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