Our location in the heart of the Central Flyway means plenty of birds—and we consistently bag a lot of ducks. Our duck hunting takes place on the North and South Platte Rivers near Paxton, covering 14 miles. This allows us to offer world class Nebraska duck hunting.

  • We are located at the main choke point in the Central Flyway, the Platte Rivers valleys where so many birds come from their Northern breeding grounds on their annual migration south.
  • We hunt out of 12’ blinds that sit on the banks of the river—heated and designed for comfort.
  • We field hunt ducks as well.  We offer a premium layout blind and spread.
  • We hunt warm water, spring fed creeks that are 56 degrees most of the year.  Anytime a front moves through, and it’s cold, it is the best time for our waterfowl hunts.
  • The water depth in the rivers is normally 6 to 24 inches.
  • We have well trained Labs to assist in retrieving the birds, but if you have your own dog this is a great opportunity to get them in on some action.
  • We encourage the shooting of drakes only, but realize the occasional hen will fall.
  • Steel shot is required, and we recommend #4 or #2 size shot.


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